Thursday, April 3, 2014

55) Giro d'Italia

As someone who loves the sport of cycling I'm a bit biased, but this game is awesome! The pieces are sweet, the board is modular so you can create so many different race scenarios, and its a cycling game that mimics real cycling races very well. Also, you can build stages in different real life races.

Pre-race warm-up ride 
Early breakaways never survive

Hanging the mountain climbers (red base) out to dry

Peleton is bearing down

Game in all its glory

Again this game is awesome. I enjoyed that my knowledge of cycling races was actually pertinent to playing the game well. I got nervous about half way through the race when the breakaway was super far ahead of the peleton (where my two guys were). But, the peleton was paying attention and, true to most flat stage races, were able to reel in the break away for a bunch sprint. My only fear is that the best strategy in the sprint finishes is to sit in the peleton (basically doing nothing for the first 3/4 of the game) and wait for a strong finish. This can be mitigated by adding more mountains or adding mountain finishes. Regardless, this is cycling <game> at its best.

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