Sunday, February 2, 2014

26) Gauntlet of Fools

The game so nice we played it....four times. The replay value of this game is awesome. Each game you have four characters paired with a different weapon. Players are boasting (bidding) on which character they get. Initially you can take a character at no cost, but if you want to take someone else's character you add a penalty to that character and then its yours....until someone else takes it with further penalties. In the games we played there was little if any boasting. We also had difficulty valuing the character/weapon pairings, exemplified by the last game where the least desired character ended up winning.

You'd be a fool not to play this

Game 1 character and weapon

Most of a 4-player game



Thought I was safe....I wasn't.
All and all this is a fun game with simple mechanics that still allow for fun choices. And as I said before the replay value is great.

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