Thursday, February 20, 2014

34) Glass Road

I came into this game with little knowledge about what it was and was blown away at how fun and challenging it is. There's the resource management aspect to the game which then allows you to build up your board with various building and landscape tiles. All of this is driven by a fun card playing mechanic where you're trying to figure out what other people will play in-order to maximize the benefit of the cards you play. The buildings require you to balance immediate bonuses, resource conversion, and long term scoring combinations and that resource wheel was so simple, yet at times it was a pain controlling which resources you had. There's so much packed into this game and yet its so elegant and simple to play.

Player board ready to go

Ingenious resource wheel

Four player game just getting started

My end game board
This game unexpectedly jumped to one of my new favorites, needless to say I highly recommend it.

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