Sunday, November 9, 2014

126) Elfenland

The goal of this game is to move your boot around the board and visit as many cities as possible. When you get to a new city you remove your colored marker from that city. Whomever has removed the most of their makers at the end of the game wins. Each round players draft transportation markers (hopefully corresponding with cards in their hand). Then players play transportation markers on roads (only one per road) to define what type of cards can be used to travel along that route. Then players spend their cards and move their boots to as many cities as possible.

A box like that really draws you in 
Just completed the first round
Start of a new round

This is a fun game that really challenges a players ability to plan ahead and be flexible in what they're doing. It's also a very tight game where players often have very close scores making each decision even more valuable. Overall a good game that doesn't take too long to learn and offers some fun and unique challenges.

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