Sunday, November 16, 2014

130) New England

In this game you're buying tiles to place on the board and cards that give you points and occasionally special abilities. Each round players select a turn order/price per item bought token in turn order. Then in order of highest token value to lowest players may purchase up to two items currently available for purchase (which each cost the value on their token). Once this is done the start player shifts and the market is reset.

Initial placement 
The bits 
My early game action 
Getting down on their level 
End of our four player game

A fairly easy game to learn with a moderate level of strategy. It's perfect when you're in the mood for a lighter game although there are still meaningful decisions to be made throughout the game. A lot of the skill in this game comes in knowing when to spend your money, which directly relates to which turn order token you take. All in all a good game that I recommend playing, but do realize that (at least for me) this is a game I only pull out once every few months as it would get a bit boring if I played it more frequently.

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