Sunday, November 9, 2014

128) Cardline (animals)

This is one of many timeline games, which range from history to pop culture to animals as seen below. Each version has you guessing the correct order for cards in your hand based on categories, in this case you could choose length (height), weight, or life span. On one side of the card the categories are hidden and thus you don't know the card values until you attempt to play the card. On your turn you get to play one card somewhere along the line of cards such that the chosen category fits in order from low to high. If you're correct you play the card. If incorrect you discard that card and draw a new one. The first player to get rid of all their cards wins.

Comes in a nice tin.
Correctly played cards
Tuna is longer then me? 
A pelican is longer then a gazelle. Hmm.

This is a fun game that can sometimes surprise you as seen in the two bottom pictures. It's a light game that acts as a good starter game. It's easy to learn and everyone is involved and interested in each other players turn. I would certainly recommend this game (or others in the series, although I haven't played them).

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