Wednesday, August 20, 2014

77) Harbour

This is a fun game of managing and optimizing resources. There are four resources that you're collecting and then selling based on market prices. The trick is every time someone uses the market the value of the goods change. Game play consists of placing your one worker on an available card and doing the action on the card. You start by collecting the goods and soon you can sell your goods to purchase one of the cards, which gives you end game points and some other bonuses.

Player board
The ever changing market
Four player game
My final board

As a whole I enjoyed this game. The one difficult part was that the market pricing felt random in the sense that if multiple people sell goods before you then the value of goods would be completely different then expected on your turn. This got much better as you start to anticipate when other players will sell goods and planning ahead became easier. This game has tons of replayability as the action cards of each game will be completely different and require a different approach to the game to be successful.

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