Wednesday, August 20, 2014

79) Risk Legacy (caution - contains picture spoilers)

Please Note: The pictures in this post contain spoilers that may negatively effect your experience of the game. I will not put any spoilers in the text.

I'm so glad I got to play this game in its entirety. When you sit down to start this game you're actually agreeing to play 15 games and whomever wins the most games after that is the winner. As you play the game certain things will happen that cause the game to evolve with new rules, different components, and the naming of different parts of the board. Who doesn't love adding stickers to things! Thus, while you are still playing the same game; the strategy will change from game to game based on these changes.

This game has many of the same mechanics of risk that still make me groan (endless dice rolling, the australian turtle maneuver, and the swingy nature of failed attempts to win), but the one big difference that sets this game apart is that you're racing to get 4 points (NOT take over the world). It took a game or two to learn the strategy implications of racing to 4 points, but it can make for some sudden game endings.

If you're able to find four other people willing to commit to 15 games of risk then I would highly recommend playing this game. Do make sure that the people you play with understand this is just a game (some backstabbing may occur and you do have to sit down with these same people for the next game and the game after that). And, if you do plan on playing, don't look at the pictures below. A huge part of the enjoyment for me was opening up new things and I would hate for you to see something below that would spoil that.

My faction for the last game
Bonus cards
The board in all its glory

Memories of past conquests

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