Friday, August 22, 2014

81) Shadow Hunters

In this game each player has a secret identity. The goal is to eliminate players that are not on your team or complete the mission on your card. Throughout the game you'll be collecting equipment, attacking other players, and gaining information on other players.

Ready to start
Blindly killing each other
I'm dead

I had a lot of fun playing this game despite a number of parts of the game that I didn't enjoy. I'm not a fan of dice and in this game you roll to determine which action you can do. This often removes a lot of strategy from the game. Also, I found that with so many players you tend to get bored waiting for your next turn. The last thing I didn't enjoy was that players can be eliminated from the game and then must wait for everyone else to finish playing. Despite that it does accommodate a large group and everyone had fun. I do enjoy the challenge of trying to figure out who is on what team. I think for me this was fun to play a few times, but I can see myself getting tired of this more quickly then other games.

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