Wednesday, September 10, 2014

89) The Castle of the Devil

This is a fun hidden identity game where you're trying to figure out who is on your team while also collecting goblets or keys for end game victory. Throughout the game you'll be trading items and battling other players. Through these actions you'll start to figure out who is on your team and make a better strategy for victory.

Who wouldn't buy this box 
Four of our six players
If you're always red sometimes you're a girl...
We found the goblets
I think our initial play is very different then future plays. We were all learning the game and thus a bit new to the strategy. Consequently we may have made decisions that were nicer then future plays could be. In this game its all about what information people have and I think players will fight to keep that information now that they understand the game better. All that to say everyone enjoyed this game and I would enjoy playing it again to see how it evolves with subsequent plays.

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