Friday, September 26, 2014

98) Cockroach Poker

Another light, quick, fun game. In this game you pass a card face down to another player and claim its a certain insect. The player has two choices, they can call you on it saying either it is or is not what you claim it to be OR they can look at the card and then pass it to another player and claim its an insect of their choice. I had fun passing my cards and claiming every time that it was a stink bug, it really makes people start to wonder what's going on. Additionally when the odds were in my favor it was fun to have a player pick a card randomly out of my hand and make them question whether or not I actually was able to say what it was without looking.

Cute Art
6-player game
Oops, the goal is to not get these

This is a fun game to play although in the end its mostly a game of chance. I don't like that based on the odds you should (almost) always look at the card and pass it on as you have a 66% chance of not losing if you look vs. 50% chance if you challenge. I also don't like that each round has a loser who supposedly doesn't play again until only one player is left. We just played a few rounds without any consequences for losing, but I generally don't enjoy the player elimination mechanic.

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