Friday, September 26, 2014

96) Through the Desert

This is a fun little game thats easy to learn. The initial set-up has each player in turn placing one of their camels on the board until all camels have been placed. Then on your turn you place two camels of your choosing next to any of your corresponding colored camels. You're collecting points along the way and scoring points at the end based on areas you've enclosed.

Team meeting before starting 
Placed and ready to conquer
Wish I had gotten more of these during the game
Board is developing

This game is really easy to learn and doesn't take too long to play. There is limited strategy involved although you do have to hedge your bets for future plays and take advantage of opportunities as they arise. The primary strategy or skill in this game is seeing those opportunities. I would recommend giving this one a try. It leaves me with the feeling that I could do better and thus want to play again, but it doesn't fill the deeper need for a more complex strategy game.

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