Wednesday, September 10, 2014

90) Cash'n Guns (2nd edition)

This game comes with a bunch of fake guns that you get to pretend to shoot people with. Of course they don't know whether you've put a bullet in the gun this round. If someone expects a loaded gun (or guns) is pointed at them they can run away. Those who haven't run away reveal if they've actually shot someone (or more often the case loaded a blank). Anyone left standing gets a piece of the loot.

Just about sums up the game 
Ready to do some shootin
First loot offering
Final score

We ended up playing this twice in a row because we enjoyed it so much. That said, I don't think there is enough strategy to keep me wanting to come back over and over. For me, this game is best suited as a starter game that allows everyone to play something together before jumping into something with a bit more meat. It's a quick, light game with a great theme. It has a fun element of risk taking that can pay off quite nicely if done correctly. And of course those toy guns are a hoot.

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