Friday, December 5, 2014

138) The Speicherstadt

In this game you're collecting cards that will give you points and money during and at the end of the game. Each round six cards are flipped up for bidding. The start player places one of their meeples on a row above one of the cards and play continues clockwise until all meeples have been placed. Then each row is resolved from left to right. The player who played first in a row (closed to the card) can buy the card at a cost equal to the number of other meeples in the row. They can also opt to not buy the card and take their meeple back to their supply.

Angling for the best position
Some cards I collected
End game

This is a fun game where you're always wishing you had more money. It had a good balance of cards and had fun tension in players always wanting to buy more then they can afford. I really enjoyed the process of buying cards based on how many people and when people bid on different rows. This game is on the lighter side and fairly easy to teach. It plays relatively quickly and we all had a good time playing this one.

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