Sunday, December 28, 2014

149) Pandemic Contagion

This is a fun take on Pandemic. Each player takes on the roll of a disease and attempts to infect as many cities as possible. Points are awarded throughout the game and at the end of the game based on how much of your disease you've gotten on each city. Additionally, each city has a population and when everyone in the city is diseased the city is destroyed and points are awarded. Players spend their turn evolving their disease, infecting cities, or drawing more cards to fuel future actions.

After my first turn 
Infecting different cities 
Four player game

I really enjoyed this game, but I question if the re-playability is there. I think after 5-10 plays this game may start to feel a bit stale, although this is my first play so I should reserve judgement. Some things I really enjoyed: The theme and game play mesh really well together. I also really like the mechanic of trying to be involved at least a little bit in infecting each city. Sneaking in a few extra points by placing just a few cubes can make a big difference. Finally, I really like that on your turn you want to do everything. Anything you do is beneficial and builds on itself, the trick comes down to figuring out which action will lead to the biggest benefit.

All in all a solid game that I highly recommend trying at least once.

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