Sunday, December 28, 2014

150) Camel Up

It's a race! There are five different colored camels vying to be first across the finish line. Each player is betting on which camel will win. There is end game scoring based on which camel wins and which lost. Additionally after each camel has moved once there is a scoring round. A player gets one action on their turn in which they can roll the dice of a random camel, take betting tokens for the round, place modifiers on the track, or place an end game bet. After each round money is paid out (or debts collected based on bad bets). All the dice are added back to the dice tower and a new round begins.

Building a dice tower 
Ready to race 
This happened 
Yellow wins! My endgame score.

This game won the Spiel des Jahres this year so it has to be good...right? Well, this game does feel a bit random, which immediately turns me off to the game. Bets are largely based on statistics and that is a good learning tool, but in the end there is too much left to random chance and you're essentially betting on a dice roll. The highlight of this game for me is that the camels can stack and carry camels that are on top of it. This can cause huge swings in the race and can make for some interesting calculations when placing a bet. The dice tower is pretty neat as well. The one drawback to the game play is the worst action by far appears to be rolling the dice. If you roll then all the players behind you have a much better chance of making the correct bet on the round winner and thus are more likely to get more points then you.

I'm really glad I got to play this game once, but it won't ever be on the top of my list to play again.

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