Sunday, December 28, 2014

148) Sentinels of the Multiverse

In this game all players take on the roll of a comic book hero and work together to defeat a villain. Each  player takes their turn by playing one card and activating one power. Then the terrain takes a turn by flipping a card that can be good or bad. Then the villain takes their turn by usually flipping over more enemy cards and dealing damage to some or all players. Play continues until all heros are eliminated or the villains lose, usually by taking the required amount of damage.

Team guns 
Four player game
Our enemy

The best aspects of this game are the flavor and replayability. There are so many different villains and hero decks that each game can play out vastly different then the next game. Each game offers a unique puzzle that everyone must work together to figure out.

This game has three major downsides in my mind. First, is the amount of time you spend waiting for other players to take their turn. As players become more accustomed to how to play the game the turns may speed up a bit, but if you take a quick turn you can be waiting a while before your next turn comes around. The second downside is how fiddley the game is. At times its really hard to remember how all the cards interact and affect one another. They have pieces to help alleviate this, but when each card is affected by a different card (or cards) and they're all dealing damage to different players based on different conditions...well something is bound to be missed. Finally, if you don't draw the correct cards you may not have any effect on the game. My deck was all about having guns, but I didn't draw a gun until turn 4. This meant that my first three turns were inconsequential.  Doing nothing on your turn only compounds the feeling of waiting too long for everyone else on their turns.

Despite all my criticism I would recommend trying this at least once. Lots of people really love the game so it can't be all bad.

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