Sunday, December 28, 2014

151) Poo

There's no surprises here, when you read the name and see the box you know exactly what your getting into. Each player takes the roll of a monkey who flings poo at other players. On your turn you play a card and draw back up to five cards. Cards allow you to fling poo at other players, clean poo off of yourself, or provide special actions or abilities. Additionally, there are defensive cards that can prevent players from throwing poo and even toss it back at them. Once a player has accumulated 15 poo they are out. Last person standing wins.

Thats exactly how I felt 
My hand 
Help for everyone 
Some cards

The only redeeming value to this game is using m&m's for the poo counters. Each time you clean yourself you get a little snack and it never gets old to make fun of people for eating poo. Apart from this the game isn't that enjoyable to me. The amount of random luck is monumental. Players for the most part choose who they want to attack so if everyone gangs up on you you'll probably lose. Also, some players will draw the cards they need and others wont. Because of this the game doesn't fall that high on my list of games I enjoy.  

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