Tuesday, March 4, 2014

37) New Amsterdam

This game had so much promise, but unfortunately ended up being a dud. I really enjoyed what the game offered. You're bidding on what actions you can do and then using those actions to collect resource and build up your land and shipping fleet. My big complaint is that there was so much down time. I spent 75% of this game waiting for other people to play, which is super boring. It's only compounded on turns where you don't have much to do (already boring) so you're turn goes extremely fast, which means you get to watch everyone else play even more.

Getting ready to start

First turn scoring = loosing the long game

A bustling city

Game over
This is a solid two thumbs down. The one caveat is that it was everyone's first play so it may have gone a bit slower then normal. Despite that you will still have tons of down time and even a fast game would feel like it was dragging on forever as you sit and watch everyone else play.

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