Thursday, March 6, 2014

39) Concordia

Another winner. I'm starting to learn that I always love games that make you want to do 3-4 different things on every turn and this game was no exception. This game is driven playing cards, which allows you to travel and settle new regions, produce and sell resources, and purchase new stronger cards. Additionally the cards act as different end-game scoring. Thus you're encouraged to focus on a few aspects of the game.

After the first turn 
Player board and I get a bonus!

Nearing the end

Final scoring

Tight race for victory
This game has a lot going on, but is quite easy to pick up and the game play is quick and fun. Coming up with the winning strategy is a bit more complex. This was a first play for all but one of us and I imagine on future plays we would be more successful at specializing and thus would score a few more points.

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