Thursday, March 6, 2014

40) Among the Stars

7 wonders in space. This uses the same drafting mechanic as 7-wonders, but now you're in space! This was a fun little game and the artwork was quite good, with each card type having intricate drawings. I can see this game (like 7-wonders for me) getting old after a few plays, although I think there are multiple expansions, which could keep this game fresh longer. I do like that each game you're building up a new space station that comes with a new story...whether your war hungry or peacefully building better quarters for your crew.

Humble beginnings 
Two fighter launch bays!

4 space stations, all with different character
This was the first time I've played this game and definitely suffered from lack of knowledge of what cards I could expect to come up. I also ended up getting multiple end game scoring cards that produced 0 points at the end of the game. Oops. In the end its a fun game I'd play again, but I'm not going out to buy this one any time soon.

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