Thursday, March 20, 2014

51) Hive

A quick and fun two player game. Each player is control of a group of creatures that each have different was of moving. On your turn you move one of your pieces or add one of your pieces to the 'board'. Once someone's queen bee is surrounded the game ends. I really like the strategy of this game and I always feel like it takes me a game or two to remember the spacial tricks to playing well.

Assemble the troops

Beetle on my bee

Surrounded the black bee

I would recommend this game, although I question the replayability. I may be missing some of the depth of the strategy, but I can see getting tired of playing after a few plays. We didn't break open all the expansions though, so that could give extra life to the game. My only other complaint would be that you can usually tell who's going to win a few turns before it happens. Despite this I highly recommend this game as it really forces you to think in a different way.

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