Thursday, May 1, 2014

59) Quantum

Surprisingly, another dice game that I enjoyed. Most of the dice pictured are actually space ships moving around the galaxy and conquering planets. There is some rolling in combat and when ships are destroyed, but success in the game is based more on strategic play rather then what you roll.

Set up and just starting 
Player board with a couple casualties

Four player setup

Red vs. Blue

I really enjoyed this game and would play it again, but I feel like as you play more you'll be able to see in advance when a player is close to victory and the other players would be able to prevent this player from winning. It's never a good feeling to do really well at the beginning and then have everyone gang up and successfully prevent you from progressing towards victory. I haven't played enough to know for sure that there aren't other paths to victory. Hopefully I'll get to test this sooner rather then later.

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