Sunday, May 11, 2014

65) Catan: Cities and Knights

This game is super popular for many reasons. Number one would probably be that its most people's introduction to longer strategy games and that creates a soft spot in ones heart. Also, it has city building, exploring, resource management, and so many other things that are just awesome in a game. People just love this game and you have to give it credit for that. My goal here is to give this game a fair shake, because I'm not really that big a fan.

Ready to start

Blue road, green road, game over?

Cryptic wheat

Fiddly-bit heaven

I think my number one complaint about this game is that you're rolling dice to determine whether or not you can do things on your turn. There's more to it then that (probability and trading savvy), but if your numbers are rolled less frequently then other players numbers you probably lose, and there's always that person sitting there not getting the good rolls who gets to watch everyone else play. I'm sure there's other things that I don't like about this game....but, if you haven't played this game then go play it, because its the roots that have allowed countless people to become gaming nerds and there's no arguing with that.

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