Thursday, May 8, 2014

64) Carcassonne: The Discovery

This is a nice take on the standard version of Carcassonne. Basically you're placing your people on different land forms and then trying to complete and score them. The main difference from the standard version is that after placing a tile you have the choice of either placing a meeple or removing and scoring one of your meeples already on the board. The one complaint I would have is the scoring is not very intuitive. After a few turns everyone starts to pick up on it, but it is a bit more complicated then it needs to be.

A couple turns in

4-player game

Mountain meeple

The final map in all its glory

For me, I only need to own one version of Carcassonne and I'm happy its this one. I really like the standard version, but have played it enough as to where this is a nice twist on a game I already enjoy. If you already own prior versions of this game I wouldn't recommend buying this because the game play and strategy are largely the same. But, its always nice to be able to pull this one out as a 'new' game that  still feels like an old friend.

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