Thursday, May 8, 2014

63) Glory to Rome

This is a neat game with a bit more depth then you initially expect. In this game, the first few turns were spent figuring out how the game works (as is true for most new games) and the latter half was spent trying to recover from those early decisions. One thing I did notice is the first 2/3rds of the game is spent fighting for every last resource and card and advantage. You then reach a tipping point and all that hard work begins to pay off. People start having ridiculously awesome rounds and the end is just around the corner.

For the glory. 
Getting started

Forum and Sewer for the win

Cards everywhere.

Once again, the joy in this game is in looking for and executing awesome combos. The buildings you build and the clientele you hire fuel these combos and allow you to put together some sweet turns. I also really like that there are so many different paths to victory and this just makes me want to play again to try out a different strategy. Overall a fun game that I look forward to playing again.

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