Thursday, May 8, 2014

61) The Cave

Get your spelunking hats on! There's nothing better then flipping over random tiles and seeing what goodies they contain and this game has no shortage of this. During the game you send you're explorer out to discover new parts of the cave. Beware though, you only have so much oxygen and will need to head back to base to restock before you run out.

Backpack is all packed up

Almost done exploring

End game loot

End of a two player game

This game is quite fun and the them is spot on. There were a couple of rather confusing parts, the most obvious being marking and remembering the depths of certain parts of the cave. We ended up playing a two player game and each player stuck to their own part of the cave. I think the game would have a lot more player tension with more people fighting over all the treasures in the cave. I look forward to trying this one again with more players.

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