Thursday, May 15, 2014

72) Guildhall

A fun card game that had me itching to make some epic combos. Each turn you get to play two cards and activate special abilities each time you play a card. The goal is to make sets of the same name, but in each of 5 colors. But beware as other people try and thwart your neatly laid plans.


Not sure what's happening here

Just getting started

My hand

With four people I thought there was a bit too much going on. Other players can steal cards and re-arrange cards enough where on my turn it felt best to optimize my play based on that turn as opposed to future goals. The other problem I had with this game is the inability to plan ahead. Often a players first action can be to draw new cards, which then makes everyone else wait while the player sorts through the new information. Additionally the board can change a lot even the turn before yours, thus players will spend time considering options while everyone else waits. I do think a lot of this wait time could go away if everyone had played a couple times. I would certainly give this one a try again despite the drawbacks.

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