Tuesday, May 13, 2014

70) Tzolk'in the Mayan Calendar

For uniqueness alone this game is a winner. Throughout the game you'll be turning the center wheel, which in turn spins the smaller wheels. You place your pieces on the outer (smaller) wheels and as they spin different actions become available. When you decide to remove your piece you are allowed to do the corresponding action. This becomes very frustrating as you try to time where your pieces will be and which actions you can complete.

Getting set up. 
Yeah, this comes with the game!

The gears of time

Done feeding

This game is a great brain buster, especially on the first few plays. Towards the end of the game I started to see how it worked, which also meant I started to realize that my pieces were not where I wanted them to be. I also started to see different combinations and strategies that make me want to try this one again.

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