Tuesday, May 13, 2014

71) Machikoro

In this game you're collecting cards, which give you money to buy more cards. Eventually you have enough money to start buying the cards that allow you to win. All this is fine and good until you add in the dice. At the beginning of your turn you roll dice and cards of the corresponding number are activated, sometimes for one person, sometimes for everyone. My round often consisted of collecting money on other players turns, rolling the dice and being forced to give my money away and passing the turn. I suppose its my fault for buying the wrong cards...


Three player game

Available card pool

Personal card pool

This is a quick game thats easy to learn. This game isn't for me because I don't enjoy the mechanics and generally shy away from dice driven games that often have a lot of luck involved, but, that said, if this type of game sounds interesting to you then I wouldn't write it off based on my specific game preferences.

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