Monday, May 12, 2014

66) Fairy Tale

This is a nifty drafting game. For the most part its fairly straight forward although resolving flipping the cards face up is a bit awkward. There are a number of events that can happen depending on which cards have been chosen and they must happen in the correct order. It's a bit tedious going through each step when no cards are relevant to the step, but then you start to skip through the steps faster and triggers get missed. I think this fixes itself once everyone is more comfortable with the game as a whole.

A new story every game?

Hope I get more dwarves and dragons...


5-player game

The other dragon is upside down

As you can see above I choose the dwarf/dragon route and got EVERY card I wanted. It was fun, but not much of a challenge. I think future plays would offer more difficult choices, which makes me want to play again. My fear is this game would get a bit repetitive after a handful of plays. You're going to be seeing the same cards and strategies over and over and it could get old.

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