Thursday, May 8, 2014

62) Smash Up

Quick and easy game with tons of re-playability. There are a bunch of different themed sets of cards. Each player gets two sets of themed cards to make a deck. Players then play actions and minions in an attempt to conquer various bases worth points.

The box says it all 
My deck ready for action 
Ninjas and plants!

Who doesn't want a dread gazebo.

I would recommend this game as a light card game that teaches card interaction. It does feel a bit random in that you have limited control when it comes to planning ahead. Players have so many ways to destroy, steal, move, and otherwise just mess with the cards you've played, which limits the amount of strategy one can have. The board state is often completely different at the the start of your turn then it was when you finished your previous turn. Despite this, the anticipation of the ultimate combo that blows everything out of the water would keep me coming back for more. So, thumbs up this one for a quick filler game.

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