Monday, January 27, 2014

13) Citadels

This game is a double edged sword. It always sucks you in because there are such good mechanics, but then makes you stay well past your welcome in games that last for-ev-er. Just looked up the estimated play time and was surprised that its 90 minutes. Thankfully the game I played here was much shorter, probably due to there being only 4 players, all of whom knew how to play (or picked it up very quickly) and the fact that the warlord was rarely used successfully.

Just getting going

4 player game

My final buildings...not enough to win
I really enjoy selecting a new role each round with special abilities and I enjoy trying to figure out which roles other people will take to maximize the use of the attack cards. On the other hand, 3 of the 8 cards in the base game are attack cards, which can really slow the pace of the game. Overall there isn't enough game here to warrant the 90 minute play time and thats why I'm usually wary of playing this one.

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