Thursday, January 30, 2014

22) Village

I would highly recommend this game. It initially sucked me in with the innovative mechanic of removing resources to take actions, opposed to most games that require you to place a worker to do an action. Initially, game play and general strategy is not very intuitive, but once you get all the rules then it becomes a fun challenge to optimize your moves and try and balance multiple goals. I always find I want to do 2-3 different things on any given turn and that immediately makes a game fun and interesting for me.

Turn 2 generation 2 worker on this spot = red wins

Just starting to get going

End game board for 3-player game
The above picture showing the worker in the council chamber is the one thing that feels a bit unbalanced about this game. With new players I try and explain the value of this spot, unfortunately if someone pursues this spot uncontested they often jump out to a huge lead. This should become more balanced with experienced players. Also, I think the expansion does a good job of balancing the value of this spot. Overall I really love this game and even though there is a initial steep learning curve, if you stick it out you'll be rewarded with a fun game.

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