Friday, January 3, 2014

2) Farkel

3 photo-shy dice not pictured

I guess this game is good for passing time, but again not my favorite. After a slow start where I wasn't able to get the required amount of points to begin scoring for a few rounds I adopted a fairly aggressive "strategy". The general rules of the game are that you roll dice, pull out dice that you plan to score, and then choose to either risk your current points and re-roll the unscored dice in hopes of getting more points or decide to bank your current score and let the next person go. I decided that if my point total was less then 700-800ish I would always re-roll, which often led to me scoring no points and very rarely led to high point totals. In short I was creamed.

I suppose the biggest surprise to me was how the game restricted the player interaction to only talking about the game. I suppose this is true for most games and may be considered a sign of a good game, but the lack of true strategy and limited decision making in this game made it more surprising that it was able to suck everyone in so completely.

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