Monday, January 27, 2014

16) Hanabi

It was interesting playing a cooperative game where you're not really allowed to talk to each other. Of course that did add to the stress level each turn as you can't receive advice from the other players and thus its up to you on your turn to find the optimal move. A quick overview of the game: each person has four cards that they cannot see, but which everyone else can see. On your turn you can tell another player information about their cards, attempt to play one of your cards, or permanently discard one of your cards. There are a few more details that limit your ability to do the above actions, making for a great dilemma of trying to optimize your turn with limited information.

Just starting

Goal of the game is build runs in each color (up to 5)

Unique perspective on a unique game
We all enjoyed this game enough to play it twice. It is so different from any game I've played before, which made for a new and fun experience. The second time through we were able to convey more information then the game may have intended on any given turn and I imagine repeated playing with the same people could amplify this. Despite this I would highly recommend this game.

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