Monday, January 13, 2014

9) Firefly (The Game)

I suppose with a 2 hour (*cough* 5 hour *cough*) game you're bound to have lots of pictures. This game had so many good aspects to it and one really really horrible game functionality.
Ready to start

Picking up guns at Silverhold

This money is too awesome to spend.

3 hours later I was the first to accomplish a goal
Was it Harken's Folly or our own folly for choosing this objective?

Oh behave
These misbehave cards basically ruined the game for us as a whole. One player had multiple rounds of watching other players almost breeze through these cards as he slowly lost everything over the course of three failed attempts to complete a mission requiring these cards. This occurred about a third of the way through the game and his game was basically over after that. Not only did these cards ruin the game for one player, but they also determined the winner of the game. The player in the lead was two turns ahead of everyone else, but, based on the un-luck of the draw was stymied until another player was able to catch up and win. I think any game where one player can draw cards that say "you fail this turn regardless of your prior preparation" and another player comes along draws cards that say "you pass without having to meet any requirements" will leave a bad taste in your mouth.

It all fits...barely.
Despite all of that we were still willing to give this game another shot. There was just too many things that we enjoyed: hiring crew, buying and equipping weapons and abilities to your crew, the random dinosaur 'active player' token (I know, I know, its thematic), going on missions and delivering goods. And having all of that fit so so perfectly into the flavor of the show/movie was just perfect. So the next time around we'll choose an objective that doesn't require those misbehave cards and we'll do everything in our power to avoid them.

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