Monday, January 27, 2014

15) Zeppeldrome

Currently this game is not available for purchase although you can search for them on kickstarter and pre-order your copy. I was lucky enough to play a sneak peak of this game at a Sasquatch game festival. My initial reaction is that this is a mash-up of Salmon Run and Roborally, but, for me at least, this game does a better job of implementing the core mechanics of these games. In short this is a racing game where you're playing a route, using actions to modify your route or other players routes, and then executing the result. Of course the board is also presenting hazards that you need to work around.

Blurry picture of the box

Green wins

All the game components

Beware the falling lemmings
This is generally a style of game that I'm less interested in, but the game play is so elegant and smooth that I would highly recommend this game. It's really easy to pick up and has a lot of player interaction. There's also fun flavor to the cards and a good theme as a whole.

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