Monday, January 6, 2014

6) Ad Astra

In general as we played this game we were all feeling frustrated about the inability to get the resources we wanted or to even find the resources we were lacking. There was was the general feeling that the people who started on one of the metals had a greater advantage due to the perceived advantage of being able to build ships early. I do tend to agree with this, however, the more I think about the game the more I think its all about timing when you play the scoring cards and successfully ramping up for your scoring opportunities.

Amassing the troops

green, yellow, red, blue, green, yellow, red, blue, green, yellow...whaaa, blue red? 
The picture above needs a bit more explanation. We were all so excited about this card placement mechanic, but almost every time each player would select the lowest available number, which defeats the purpose of this mechanic. None of us could find a good reason not to play in order like this so maybe others will have suggestions. Also, it becomes evident that red is probably scoring this round to gain the first player token (and given that I was red this game I can say for a fact that that was a scoring card).

Starting worlds

The expanse of space in all its glory

We all felt like we had put in our time on this game and would be happy not to play it again, but after a few days the possibilities of what could have been are making me consider giving this one a second chance.

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