Tuesday, January 28, 2014

20) Pick a Pig

This is the advanced version of the game Set. You lay out a grid of 30 cards where everyone can reach them. Then each player plays their randomly drawn start card face up and madness ensues. The goal is to frantically grab pigs from the center that have only one difference (suglasses, size, color, etc..) from the previous pig you played. Whomever is able to acquire the most pigs over three rounds wins.

This chain is unbelievably long for my skill level

2 players in a 5 player game

just chillin
Despite my lack of skill in games like this I have found myself playing this on multiple occasions and enjoying it every time. This is a fun filler game and if you find you enjoy games like Set, Mondo, or Galaxy Trucker then you'll probably enjoy this based solely on its mechanics.

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