Tuesday, January 28, 2014

21) Munchkin

I have mixed thoughts on this game, but first the good. Games where over time you're accumulating gear and weapons and abilities are always fun and this is no exception. On top of that the flavor for all the stuff you acquire is crazy ridiculous and quite funny. An argument could be made to buy this game on flavor alone.

I'm already cheating on the first turn

orange wins

pack it up until next year
Unfortunately this game is getting a thumbs down from me for two really big reasons. 1) There seemed to be so much down time between the end of my turn and the start of my next turn. Yes, you are able to interact with other players on their turn, but I often found I was waiting with very little to do for longer than was enjoyable for it to be my turn again. This is probably largely due to players receiving a lot of information (cards) near the end of their turn that they need to sort through before the next players turn. and 2) The winner of the game is based largely on luck as opposed to how well you've played over the entire game. Eventually we all reached 8-9 points and it turned into a game of blocking each other from winning. Once we all ran out of block cards the next player was able to win.

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