Wednesday, October 1, 2014

102) Splendor

This game is awesome. It takes about a minute to explain how to play and there is some fun strategy involved. Each turn a player can do one of the following: take some gems, purchase a card, or pick up a card for future purchase. Each card has a cost in the bottom left and a resource it produces once purchased. Additionally some cards have a point value. First person to collect 15 points wins.

Ready to start
Pieces are great
My final collection
3-player game

I really like this game. The ease of learning the game coupled with the strategy and planning make for a fun game. It's probably considered a race game as eventually you build up enough resources to snowball into buying all the cards you want, its just a matter of who can get there first. Although, in one of the games we played one player went straight for the big points and ended up destroying the other players. All in all I would highly recommend this game.

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