Saturday, October 25, 2014

117) Pastiche

This is a unique game where you're collecting paint colors to successfully recreate famous works of art and score points. On your turn you play a tile to the central shared area. Any colors on the played tile that are adjacent to another color(s) produce different colored paint. You can then trade colors with other players, combine colors to create new colors, and hopefully paint some of your pieces of art.

Art galore
Trying to paint these masterpieces
Nearing the end of a 4-player game

A fun game that I enjoyed playing. My main complaint is when playing a tile I never felt like I immediately knew what I was making. There is a very handy reference sheet, but even at the end of the game I was spending a fair amount of time just figuring out what I colors I could make. This and a card trading mechanic similar to Settlers of Catan can make for some drawn out turns. Despite this I enjoyed playing and anyone who enjoys art will especially like this one.

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