Thursday, October 2, 2014

106) Shadows of Brimstone

This game is very similar to Descent and other dungeon crawls. In this game everyone is working together towards a known goal and fighting monsters, finding treasures, and collecting XP and money along the way. In our first game we didn't encounter any monsters until the end when we drew multiple cards that had us drawing additional cards and putting a ridiculous amount of creatures on the board. They mopped the floor with us. Thankfully we were able to get a second more successful and more interesting game in after this defeat.

Monsters pre-game pep rally
There's a new marshal in town
Fairly uneventful exploration...until...
Us getting destroyed by the worst draw ever

The number one best thing about this game is that after each game you record all the info about your character and then can come back at a later date and play with the same upgraded, equipped, and occasionally damaged and hurt character. Additionally, you (and your character) don't need to be present for future plays as other players can play with new characters they create. And of course, upgrading characters and buying all kinds of weapons and abilities is something I love so it certainly sucks me in. There is a fair amount of dice rolling, which I don't typically enjoy, although in this case its everyone against the game so the dice don't bother me as much.

The game has a fun theme and even comes with an old west sound track to listen to while you're playing. If you enjoy this style of game this is a must play (probably over and over again).

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