Wednesday, October 29, 2014

119) Sumeria

A fun game where you're changing the strength of different areas based on the movement of your pieces. The board is divided into 9 areas, but only the three highest areas will score at the end of each round. On your turn you can add one of your pieces to the board, remove one of your pieces, or move one of your pieces along roads to the next open city. When your piece enters a new region on the board that region will move one step higher in the race to score. Removing a piece bumps a region lower. Your goal is to have more of your pieces in the areas that score then the other players.

Set-up and ready to start
My feelings about this game: "Uruk"
Collecting victory tiles
Despite being a step behind every turn this game was enjoyable. One of the players stated somewhat accurately that the turn before the scoring round is a bit predictable as the optimal move is usually obvious. I feel like my major downfall was trying to plan too much in advance rather then being more flexible and reactive to what others were doing. All in all a fun game to bring out every once in a while.

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