Sunday, October 19, 2014

116) Ticket to Ride

I can't believe it took this long to play this game. This is a classic game that everyone seems to know about. The game play is fairly straight forward. Initially each player starts with two or three route cards that give you bonus points for connecting two different cities (or negative points if you fail to do so).  Then players take turns choosing from one of three actions: Draw track cards, play track cards to build a train route, or draw additional route cards. Once someone has played all but a few of their trains onto the board the game will end.

Playing with my trains before starting
Getting clogged up in the middle
Finished most of my routes

This game is great for all ages and all skill levels. There are tons of expansions and different maps, but for the most part these are very similar to the base game. This game has great tension between wanting to collect more cards and thus have more flexibility in building larger routes and wanting to be the first person to play somewhere so you don't get blocked. Just in writing this review past games come to mind that had different strategies and opportunities to block and chances to do this and that... The fact that this game has left me with so many fun memories is a good sign.

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