Wednesday, October 1, 2014

103) King's Forge

We started this game completely confused about what to do. We muddled our way through the first round and started to realize that you spend the first few rounds collecting more dice and things start to pick up a bit. With the additional dice you collect you can do more actions and have a greater chance of collecting the end game cards. Once someone wins 4 of the end game cards the game ends.

Go team rabbit!
4-player game just getting started
Buying some cards, making some dice
Futures market

I must admit that any time I see dice I tend to shy away from the game. During this game one player got off to a quick start by collecting 3 end game cards while the other players built up their dice supply. But, as the cards got more difficult to acquire the power swung to the players with more and better dice. Unfortunately this game ended when I had a good roll of the dice and ended up stealing a card for the victory. You can argue that I used strategy to build up my dice into the right combination, but any time a game ends based on a dice roll I'm going to give that game low marks. This game is no exception. It had fun and interesting aspects to it, but I wouldn't be that excited about playing this again.

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