Thursday, October 2, 2014

105) Dread Pirate

This game probably wins worst game of the year by a long shot. It's essentially a roll and move game where occasionally you get to roll to see who wins the game. You can battle other players, which is just a dice roll to see how much treasure the higher roll gets to plunder. You visit ports to trade or plunder, which again is determined by a dice roll. Additionally, you occasionally draw cards, some are good, others are bad and its completely random. This game turned into a bit of a co-op to make it end as quickly as possible because no one was enjoying this game.

Sweet cloth board 
Sweet pieces
Someone's a pirate
This game is 100% chance (aka 100% horrible). It takes players 2-4 turns to travel across the board, so  many turns are roll, move a few spaces, and done. Once you have an encounter you roll dice and either win or lose. Then repeat. The only redeeming part of this game is that the pieces are really neat. The ships (despite 3 being the same color and thus impossible to tell apart) are really neat. The cloth board is also a good idea and works really well. And the doubloons are made to feel like real treasure. But, the pieces don't make up for the incredibly boring game play and complete randomness of determining the winner and thus I will never play this game again.

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