Tuesday, October 7, 2014

110) Romans Go Home

In this game you're trying to win different towers for victory points. Each round 6 towers are available to be conquered. Each player draws six cards and lays them upside down in columns corresponding to the towers. Then each player flips up the first column of cards, checks card abilities and assigns the tower to the player with the highest valued card. The winner of the tower removes all their face up cards then the next column of cards is flipped.

Team McRed ready for action
Waiting for a few more cards to be played
Example cards
Not enough points to win

I enjoy the challenge of trying to plan ahead when initially laying your six cards out. You have to consider what other players will do and attempt to find synergy between your cards allowing you to collect the more valuable towers. I expect after 5-10 plays the strategy starts to get a bit repetitive, but I really enjoyed playing this and would recommend it.

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