Wednesday, October 1, 2014

104) Boss Monster

In this game you're building traps and monsters from video games. You then flip hero cards (also heros from video games) and certain heros try and get through your dungeon. Of course if they make it through your dungeon they're going to do damage to you, but if you kill the hero then you get that hero's points.

Beginners dungeon
Getting there...sorta
4-player game

I enjoyed playing this game and I'm sure that would be magnified greatly if I knew more about old video games. Despite my lack of knowledge I still recognized some of the cards and that in itself was enjoyable. I really like a lot of the mechanics of building up your board and attracting heros to it that you try and kill. My main dislike of this game is the complete randomness of the card drawing. Everyone is drawing from a central deck and some players are going to get good cards and other players aren't. When a huge part of the game is based purely on the luck of what you draw then I'm not a huge fan. I enjoyed a great deal about this game, but I don't feel the need to play again.

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